Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I update my Profile?

A: Login to your Online Rewards account. From the profile tab, select which fields of personal information you wish to change. Any updates made to your account online are effective immediately once saved. Note that you Name, Reward Club Card number and Birth Month and Year must be updated in person at our Rewards Club Center. Please stop by with a valid ID on your next visit and provide us with that updated information.

Q: What do I do if I forgot my password?

A: Click on the Forgot Password link on the Login page and correctly answer the Security Question you have established. Upon answering correctly, we will email you with a temporary password to access your Online Rewards. You will be required to create a new password.

Q: What happened to my Online Coupons?

A: Your Rewards Club Offers are now Skagit Player-Bucks and Free-Play Offers! Just like the Coupons, the Skagit Player-Bucks Offers you receive are personalized to you, based on your tracked play with your Rewards Club card, and includes great offers for gaming buy-ins and more!

Q: What are Skagit Player-Bucks?

A: Skagit Player-Bucks are our way of rewarding you! Every time you play slots and table games with your Rewards Club Card, you’re earning Skagit Player-Bucks! Player-Bucks can be redeemed for gaming, dining rewards, hotel stays with discounts, concert tickets and more – click on the Skagit Player-Bucks tab for more information.

Q: How do I earn Skagit Player-Bucks?

A: Slot Players – Insert your Skagit Rewards Club Card in the card reader on your favorite slot machine. Once your name is displayed, you’re on your way to earning Skagit Player-Bucks and Cash-Back Points! Keep your card inserted until you’re finished playing to ensure all rewards are applied to your account. Best of all, your Skagit Player-Bucks are SEPARATE from your Cash-Back Points! Table Players – Present your Skagit Rewards Club Card to the dealer and ask to be rated for play to start earning your Skagit Player-Bucks!

Q: What are Skagit Free-Play and Player-Bucks Offers?

A: Skagit Free-Play and Player-Bucks Offers are special deals sent exclusively to our Rewards Club Members! Each offer you receive is personalized to and redeemable only by you.

Q: Are online offers different from mailed offers?

A: No. All our Online Rewards offers are just like the offers we mail, but they are faster and always accessible to you. Each offer you receive may be redeemed only once, unless otherwise specified.

Q: How do I earn offers?

A: To earn Rewards (including Cash-Back Points, Skagit Free-Play and Skagit Player-Bucks Offers), use your Rewards Club Card every time you play our slots or table games. Your play will be tracked and evaluated for your personal offers.

Q: How do I redeem my Online Rewards offers?

A: To redeem most offers, check in at the Rewards Club Center with your Rewards Club Card and valid ID. If other action is required, it will be stated on the offer.

Q: Do I print my Online Rewards offers?

A: Unless stated on the offer, printing is not necessary.

Q: How do I know if my Rewards Club Card is being tracked?

A: If you’re playing any of our slots, the light on the card reader will turn from RED to GREEN and/or a personalized WELCOME greeting will be displayed. If you are having trouble getting your Rewards Club Card to be accepted, stop by the Rewards Club Center or speak with any of our knowledgeable slot hosts. If you’re playing table games, simply hand your Rewards Club Card to the dealer.

Q: When do I receive new offers?

A: When your play qualifies, new offers are displayed in your online account each month.

Q: How long do the offers stay in my Online Rewards account?

A: All offers will display for the entire valid period (one month). Even if you have redeemed an offer, it will continue to be displayed until the next month. These offers are only valid for a one-time use, unless otherwise specified.

Q: What if I don’t want to print my offers right now or have lost the ones I’d already printed?

A: Not a problem! Your offers will display for the entire period of time that they’re valid. You are able to print them as many times as you need – just remember that they are only redeemable once (unless otherwise specified) and your offers are personalized for your use only so no one else can redeem them.

Q: Why do I get different offers than my friends?

A: All Rewards offers are based on your individual tracked play while using your Rewards Club Card, which is why it’s so important to make sure you use your card every time you play.

Q: How do I unsubscribe from Online Rewards?

A: Stop by the Rewards Club Center with valid ID and request that your qualified offers be mailed instead.

Q: How do I get additional assistance?

A: For additional assistance, please either email us your question at or call our Rewards Club Support line at 360-724-0216 during casino hours.